Gifts made to order

Gifts for birthdays, anniversaries,  leaving, arriving, anything you can think of . Paypal available

 If you would like to give a special unique gift then give me a call or message me and let me know what you are looking for.

These are examples of gifts made in the past.

Timescale : approximately one week for smaller items ( depending on order requests waiting)

Any smaller  items can be ordered and delivered by post to PT or UK.
Pt post from 2 euros upwards

Uk from post 5 euros upwards

Average price starting at 20 euros and upwards.

Please see my facebook page for recent makes and posts of readily available items

5 little sardines in a tin . 25 euros
#Butterfly assorted glass house algarve
Frida kahlo the glass house algarve
Ziggy stardust glass house algarve
ammonites glass house algarve
Flowers 20 euros
Christmas Robin. Popular order 20 euros
Hanging Bumble Bee
20210112_211133.jpg .jpg
Algarve cactus
Your pets from photos