The gass House Algarve Art Deco panel 3
Glass House Algarve Deco panel
Art deco panel 2 . Glass House Algarve 350 euros
Ginko biloba panel.jpg
Single Butterfly wing Glass House Algarve
Marilyn Monroe
The Joker Stained glass panel
Audubon style Pink Flamingo _edited.jpg
Glass House Algarve . Retro Deco style panel 80 euros
Glass House Algarve . Mandela glass . 45 euros
Glass House algarve . 2022. Hour glass Retro deco style panel 120 euros
Large stained glass blue wings_edited.jpg

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Made with the Tiffany copper foil method of stained glass designed by Liza Walker. I know you can copy my designs but i would be greatful if you didn't.